Why Proactive?

How Do Colleges Make Admission Decisions?


Many factors go into admission and financial aid decisions and scoring, including:





How Does ProActive Advisors Help?

ProActive Advisors can guide you thru the college planning process in all facets of the journey, including:

  • GPA


  • Coursework

  • Volunteering

  • Extra-Curriculum


  • Application

  • # of Applicants

  • Geographics

  • Alumni

  • Recommendations

  • Ethnicity

  • Career Resource

  • Resume Building

  • Customized Test Prep

  • Admissions Applications

  • Essay Reviews

  • FAFSA Checklist

  • Early Decision-Yes or No?

  • Campus Visit Protocols

  • Admission Teaser Offers

  • Housing Deposits

  • Award Evaluations

  • Award Appeals


College Planning

Colleges are looking for well-rounded students. Ensuring admission requires planning in three areas: 


  • Academic ~ Coursework, GPA

  • Social ~ Extra-curriculum, volunteering

  • Financial ~ FAFSA checklist, asset reallocation, award letter evaluations, award negotiations


College Search

Because you will likely spend 4-5 years at a college, finding the ideal match takes time. ProActive helps you find the right mix of course work, location, and cost to achieve your goals.


Financial Aid

Paying for college can seem daunting. ProActive can help you complete the critical details of your FAFSA application to minimize your Expected Family Contribution to save money. 

ProActive will guide your student thru every aspect of the college planning

process to ensure they maximize their potential and achieve their goals.