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There are a lot of misconceptions about qualifying for financial aid. ProActive Advisors has the expertise to answer these questions and many others.

"We make too much money to qualify for financial aid." 

Families we meet are surprised to find out that households with six figure incomes qualify for various amounts of financial aid, especially families with multiple children.

"We own a home, so we won't qualify for financial aid."

Colleges look at different things when calculating financial aid. Most do not include home equity in their calculation.

"The college's financial aid department can assist me in completing the FAFSA form." 

Colleges operate as a business. Their primary objective is to get the best students in their school at the highest tuition. They have no incentive to assist students in paying less for their college education.

"There are plenty of resources available. I can do this on my own."

Sure, you tackle this process on your own. The real question is, should you. Do you know the behind-the-scenes factors colleges use to determine financial aid packages? When it comes to getting the best education for the price for your student, it's best to turn it over to experts who have helped thousands of families in their college planning journey.